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PhotoMaps Released

PhotoMaps is a brand new way to show your photos overlaid on a map of your choice, with animated zooming between photos, easy to create slideshows and a rich list of features for adding text symbols and pictures. With PhotoMaps you can create professional rolling presentations or simply add interest to your holiday snaps. PhotoMaps is available as a free download on the itunes app store. A list...

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UltraPlot Released

UltraPlot is a new software product from Aerious Limited that uses Open Map data to enables the production of high quality formatted maps with your own titles, information and logo overlaid. A rich choice of open source mapping is provided including standard and aerial mapping as well as hill shade and relief maps. UltraPlot is also compatible with the award-winning viaEuropa service which...

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EasyPlot 3.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of EasyPlot Version 3.0. This is a significant release which has taken over a year and a half of continuous development, including a migration to Microsoft C Sharp.Net and user interface improvements. Existing users of EasyPlot will also be relieved to know that despite the extent of the development, we have kept the functionality and features as close to...

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MyMaps Released

MyMaps is a versatile iPhone and iPad mapping application which can be used to display maps from any source and can be overlaid with your own drawings.   MyMaps is available as a free download on the itunes app store  view mymaps in app store or as a paid version here    A list of the features included in MyMaps is as follows: Choice of Base Maps – including high quality...

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EasyPlot 2.8 Released

EasyPlot v2.8 has been released and provides new features such as PDF printing and the ability to specify image resolution and custom file names when batch printing. The list of Enhancements & Fixes in this release is as follows: Added PDF Printing. Enhanced batch printing including the ability to specify resolution and file names and remember settings. New “Save Image” button for saving to...

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Announcing Aerious

 Aerious Limited is a dedicated supplier of mobile and mapping solutions, focused to the creation of next generation products and services for governments and commercial organisations. 2010 and 2011 will see the formation of a range of new mobile solutions as well as the redevelopment of existing solutions including EasyPlot and MapTree. For more information contact...

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