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UltraPlot is a new software product from Aerious Limited that uses Open Map data to enables the production of high quality formatted maps with your own titles, information and logo overlaid.

A rich choice of open source mapping is provided including standard and aerial mapping as well as hill shade and relief maps. UltraPlot is also compatible with the award-winning viaEuropa service which provides access to map content including Ordnance Survey OpenData. As an optional extra, public sector (members of PSMA or OSMA) customers can use the viaEuropa service to utilise high quality renditions of OS VectorMap Local and OS Master Map from UltraPlot.

Maps can be shown in either high, medium or low quality resolution and with a choice of greyscale or colour, which helps your own information stand out on the map. Address searching and matching is also provide making it easy to add a list of addresses to the map.

UltraPlot runs as a standalone application without the need for other GIS software and is available for an annual licence price of £49 per year. This can be a very cost effective solution to produce professionally presented maps showing information such as customer distributions, staff locations, competitors information or any other location information.

Managing Director Carl Nunn says “we are delighted to launch UltraPlot which harnesses the power of open source mapping and makes it easy for anyone to produce high quality formatted maps without the need to buy expensive software or maps, or require a degree in computing and GIS. UltraPlot represents an important step forward a in range of desktop, mobile and online solutions we are striving to create for the future.”

For a free trial of ultraplot please see the website www.ultraplot.com

A list of the features included in UltraPlot is as follows:

  • Choice of Base Maps – including high quality ViaEuropa Ordnance Survey maps.
  • Add Address List To Map – cut an paste a list of addresses to show as points on the map
  • Flexible Search – use open source search services to find locations
  • Save Images or Print Directly  -a variety of formats are available to save such as PDF, PNG and JPG at 96 or 300 dpi
  • Fully customisable – Add your own logo and information to creat a professionally formatted map
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