MyMaps Released

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MyMaps is a versatile iPhone and iPad mapping application which can be used to display maps from any source and can be overlaid with your own drawings.


MyMaps is available as a free download on the itunes app store  view mymaps in app store or as a paid version here 


A list of the features included in MyMaps is as follows:

  • Choice of Base Maps – including high quality ViaEuropa Ordnance Survey maps.
  • Flexible Search – A choice of search services is provided.
  • Download Maps for offline use
  • Add Photos, Symbols and Text to the Map and save or upload drawings for sharing 
  • Send emails. Send emails with maps attached, and choose from a range of email templates
  • Printing. Print To a wireless printer
  • Bookmarks. Create and organise bookmarks as needed
  • Overview Map. Showing map coverage and another option to move the map around
  • Magnifying Glass. With 3 different size and zoom options
  • Fully customisable. Can be customised to suit specific requirements.Contact us for more information


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