EasyPlot for MapInfo is a simple-to-use utility that allows for easy and professional management of MapInfo Printing, MapInfo Layout Templates and MapInfo Workspaces.

EasyPlot has been built using nearly 20 years of MapInfo experience and working with major public and private sector organisations. With a large, dedicated and loyal customer base, EasyPlot makes printing in MapInfo easy.

With EasyPlot you can

  • Save time – Produce professional Plots in seconds.
  • Produce professional results – Templates are supplied for all paper sizes.
  • Increase productivity – Batch-produce hundreds of prints in minutes.
  • Save paper – By printing to pdf, jpg or any image formats.

Some of the features in EasyPlot are:

  • Choose from a range of templates for every paper size.
  • Create your own customised templates.
  • Batch-print with information updated for each page.
  • Save your layout or batch prints as images or pdfs.
  • Add grids and graticule labels to your map.
  • Scale and rotate maps on the fly.
  • Use the Cookie Cutter to chop out map layers.
  • Add your own logos and copyright watermarks.

For more information on EasyPlot see View EasyPlot Website